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MDE Walters Capital provides consultancy and training to investment banks, securities firms, hedge funds and regulatory bodies in Asia since 2002.

MDE Hedge Center is a family office using its private wealth to focus on social enterprise, real estate and other alternative investment strategies. It has also evolved into a hedge fund incubation center and consultancy. Located in Central, Hong Kong, MDE provides offshore advisory, physical premise and connectivity to hedge fund start ups. MDE has significant expertise in the start up process. It offers start up hedge funds and fund of hedge funds guidance and advice on what to expect, and help "portfolio managers" create a realistic timeline to deal with various issues.

From in depth market intelligence, regulatory issues of different Asian jurisdictions to revenue projections, our expertise is to help hedge funds identify and prioritize important issues, co-develop business plans, and assist them in outgrowing their incubation phase in a timely and controlled fashion.

MDE Walters Capital

Our services include product and technical training, coaching, analytical software, market simulations and soft-skills development. Our professional consultants are all highly experienced in the banking and financial services industries. We provide consultancy service in major financial centers in London, New York, Tokyo, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Our unique approach includes a commitment to providing tailored services that meet specific business requirements. A partial list of topics include:

Corporate Risk Management Option Fundamentals
Investor Use of derivatives Bank Risk Management
Derivative products Interest Rate and equity swaps
Hedge Funds and their trading strategies Hedge Funds Legal Structure

We recognize that, when people are concerned, technical competence is only part of the equation. That is why we have developed a wide range of services that provide solutions to individuals, teams and organizations.


MDE Synergy represents a powerful combination of our financial market expertise with a team of high quality specialists in leadership and management development. Our consultancy service has designed and delivered solutions to meet client needs at every level of the organization from senior board-level to graduate training programs.

We are an authority in delivering "experiential workshops" to investment banking executives, traders and fund managers. We conduct our highly regarded half day workshop, "Spark the Fire Within --- the Firewalking Experience", to help traders, sales professionals, corporate executives and those with "addictive behavior" deal with their "inner fear".

The Firewalking Experience is an innovative method of overcoming limiting beliefs, phobias and fears. Most of us spend our lives, never really confronting the things we fear. We go about circumventing these fears, thinking that we have dealt with and conquered them but without overcoming these fears, we are unconsciously held captive by them. “Firewalking is an experience of a lifetime!” For traders who want to achieve peak performance, the firewalking experience can be empowering and can equip them with tools to take you beyond the place you have carved out for yourself in the world.

Firewalking is also a great tool for teambuilding purposes. For those who are in investment product sales, a firewalking experience will help you break limiting beliefs of “not being able to achieve” to “the sky is the limit”, and gives you the incentive to break new grounds.  Set your goals high and join us as we walk on fire and break through boundaries and discover a brave new world!! More than 500,000 people have participated in firewalking since the movement began in1982. Corporations like Microsoft, American Express, Coca Cola and the US military have used “firewalking” to inspire their employees and soldiers, from ground to top management. This life changing workshop could be beneficial to people who are struggling with different types of addictive behavior, break bad habits, and re-gain control.

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